Bloggers Boogie :: HOLIDAYS BAYBEE!!

Helllllooooooo holidays! It’s school holidays and end of financial year, so this nerd house is ready P A R T why? Because we WANNA!! THE IDEA: Blog up to five songs. Any theme. Any reason. Doesn’t matter. You decide. Or if you have done a music post during the week, add your link as well! The more tunes the merrier. […]

a delicate situation

Last holidays, we went camping over at the coast in our camper trailer for the first time. Which was a load of fun. But it was also a bit of a hike to the amenities block. So we’d pack up all our bits and bobs, and wander over to the showers, my hand generally occupied holding Butterfly contained on one […]


Oh man. This was super fun. It was Car’s birthday last month, and I knew early on I wanted to make a hashtag typography collage (inspired by these tshirts by Elise Blaha). We use A LOT of hashtags in our conversations, so prepping for this project involved going back through months of old chats – and man we can “talk”!! […]

13/13 :: book 18 {Death Comes to Pemberley}

So, the Pride & Prejudice hysteria continues to run amok amongst my friends. Everyone is slowly making their way through the various challenge requirements – I’m down to just the book to re-read (and possibly the BBC mini series to watch, but I’m not feeling overly motivated, I must admit). So it was with much excitement I saw the announcement […]

Five Sentence Fiction :: Blades

{image via Lillie McFerrin} Roused by the smell of coffee, Lauren slowly rolled over in the now empty bed, and decided the promise of coffee was enough temptation to finally abandon sleep. Paul sat out on the deck, his back to her, seemingly lost in thought as he stared out at the landscape that, on first inspection, looked empty, but […]

Bloggers Boogie :: This Is Me.

I don’t often talk about my faith on here, it’s a craft blog, you come for the pretties. But I am also very aware that it’s one of those “hot button” things, so I kind of keep it on the lowdown. Then, this week, I found myself challenged by our Bible Study discussion – we were looking at a passage […]

30 day reading challenge :: question 3

  Favourite Series   Oh gosh, this is a tough one! I think most of my favourite series are YA ones, and quite old ones at that. Probably the most recent series I’ve read and loved was Harry Potter. Before Harry, there was the Tomorrow When the War Began series which I loved early on, but towards the end I […]

LWDvsAJ dress challenge update.

I was super excited about this dress. I loved the pattern, and I loved the fabrics. I am currently up to the point of first fitting, which looks a little like this: And guess what? Despite my best attempts at true measurements, and allowing for the stretch of the knit, I was beyond bummed to try it on, and find […]

Little Miss Demanding

Sunday saw a little trip out to the shops for Miss Butterfly with her daddy.Which seemed like a nice idea, until she came home and asked for a pink cupcake from the cupcake shop (translation – our local bakery displays pink iced cupcakes riiigggghhhht at toddler eye level. And thus, despite the fact we generally only buy BREAD there, it […]