Weekly wrap

Posting a day early to celebrate the end of winter, and ready to start the And Sew We Craft crafty photo a day tomorrow, which I’ll be blogging weekly on a Sunday.

A finish and a fail for Friday.

So, that cowl, hey? The one I’ve been working on for ages. That I frogged at least twice. That I was mega excited about? It doesn’t fit. Wonderful. It does, however, look fabulous on my 2 year old. It’s just the right pink for her colouring, and it fits. I think it was a combination of some dodgy tension, possibly […]

WIP Wednesday

Slowly plodding along on this little embroidery I’ve had floating around for AAAGGGGGEEESSS! Makes a nice change from the knitting and crochet. (Original image by Pen & Paint). Feeling quite wordless today, lucky it’s Wednesday, hey? Off to sit in the sun and stitch some more and see if I can find my mojo again.

disaster yarn.

I’ve been eyeing off a few different Etsy stores lately, selling gorgeous variegated yarns. But technically, I’m on a ban, which precludes “just because it’s pretty” yarn purchases, especially with the end of winter approaching. But, I thought to myself, I could have a go at the DIY version. So I hit Car’s blog, recalling she’d had a go at […]

the final frontier

  One little astronaut all suited up for bookweek! A super easy little costume, a bit of polycotton and some icky but puffy polywadding, and we had a space suit, then borrowed a helmet to top it all off. The boy was happy, so I’m happy!   Just a quick post today as I’m in headless chook mode again today, […]

how to train your dragon…

  Well, not really. It’s so cute I don’t think it really needs training. This little chappy is a project that has been a long time coming, and Miss AJ has been very patient waiting for me to get this fellow done – I only started way back in September, as a little thank you for a cute hat she […]

Done. AND packed.

Yay me! My overnight bag that I’ve been working on is done. The silver lining of having sick small people, is I’ve managed to squeeze in more sewing time than I normally would be able to, and yesterday, just in time to start dinner, this little beauty was DONE. I am so happy with how it came out. There were […]