the great photo test

As mentioned in my recent Project Life post, I was wanting to test out photo printing options and decide how I was going to do it. In one corner was the quality and ease of sending off the images to a lab for printing and posting back to me, balancing against the convenience of printing at home as I put […]

this week {and something new}

With the organiser prettiness bug biting, I’m going to start adding my weekly diary/planner layouts in my weekly wrap-up post. This week has been pretty low key, being school holidays, just a few playdates, so I had plenty of room to add decorative elements. {supplies used (and source) – pink/orange/green Artline felt tip pens (local office store), Collect & Co […]

taking command

I think most families with children at school know what it’s like to drown in paperwork. Newsletters, permission notes, information notes, book club. We seemed to accumulate the stuff at the rate of knots, and most often, it ended up being stuck on top of the growing pile of similar papers on the microwave inside out walk-in pantry. Why there? […]

the paleontologist turns five

The birthday train rolls on! This past weekend, it was Boy2’s turn, and somehow, I made the mistake of blinking, and he is five. FIVE. The age of saying goodbye to our favourite weekly activities and hello to big school. Goodbye to lazy days at home and hello to the morning school rush. Goodbye to paint stained hand me downs […]

grand ideas

“Someone” has spent a very productive couple of weeks bombarding me with images and pins of pretty Filofax pages. “I want a Filofax, Miss Dove”, she declared. Knowing the things were flipping expensive, and also knowing my sweet Car struggles with CraftyADHD, I was a good friend, and told her no. Not happening. No way. Stop begging because I said […]

challenge approved {update}

The Emma Approved catch-up challenge is well underway – I think I’m the furthest behind, having just watched Clueless, and downloaded the book but haven’t read it. My local video shop didn’t have the movie or BBC adaptation, and the last few discs from QuickFlix have all been for the children, though the BBC Emma is next on the list. […]

hip hip happy birthday

Along with a houseful of birthdays, there seems to be an abundance of birthday celebrations in September in my circle of friends as well. Two such birthdays fell within a week or so, at the beginning of the month (well, one was the end of August, but I was already gearing up for The Month of Birthdays, so mentally it’s […]

to infinity, and beyond.

It’s that time of year in the nest – birthday season! First up was Bear turning seven over the weekend. With Beetle only 11 days old, we decided against having a party this year, and instead just invited my parents around for a BBQ to mark the occassion. And for the very first time, I didn’t make a cake. I […]

totally pinspired

I’ve been doing a spring clean of my Pinterest boards lately. It’s been on my to-do list for ages, and after spending far too long one day scrounging for something I KNEW I’d pinned, it was time. Helping the fact along was I had a spare hour or so while my mum watched children one to three, and I fed […]