project life :: October 21-27 2013

  Two weeks in, and I’m a convert to this system. This week was a total of 40 minutes including photo printing. And potentially a bit of Facebook chatting 😉 I do, however, need to reprinted that one on the bottom left of the second page where the photo got a bit distorted in resizing. I had run out of […]

18::20 ~ apple cinnamon donut holes

PROJECT PROGRESS: 18/20 OCCASSION: a lazy Monday at home with the girl BRIEF & RATIONALE: I was in the mood for something different for this week’s baking, and decided to check my baking pin board SOURCE: Domesticate Me via Pinterest EASE OF MAKING: 9/10 CHILD FRIENDLY? yes REALITY V COOKBOOK: reasonably close – though I used patty papers to make […]

project life :: October 13-20

Sunday afternoon, the house was clean, I was able to ignore the basket of washing waiting to be folded, the baby was sleeping, and the older children were happily playing outside with daddy. I made myself a coffee and parked myself in front of the computer, my photos open in front of me, ready for choosing, editing, printing. Then, of […]

17::20 ~ ANZAC Biscuits

PROJECT PROGRESS: 17/20 OCCASSION: we needed to bake biscuits and had no eggs. We did, however, have rolled oats. BRIEF & RATIONALE: Easy, quick, yummy. Plus we’d been given some after Beetle was born and I may or may not have hoovered them fairly quickly. Anzac bikkies are yum! SOURCE: EASE OF MAKING: 10/10 CHILD FRIENDLY? yes. I melted […]

a little bit lacy

There’s nothing quite like a finished project to boost one’s crafty spirits. It feels like I’ve achieved very little lately aside from fattening up the Beetle baby (the cheeks on this child are all kinds of delightful), so it’s nice to see my slow plodding at nighttime actually getting somewhere. This is the Queen Anne’s Lace scarf I blogged about […]

WIP Wednesday

Between juggling the feeding and napping of a newborn, the entertainment and care of a toddler and preschooler, and the school run and after school happening of the seven year old, plus of course running the house to a reasonable level of clean and tidy, my craft time in daylight hours has been severely curtailed. I generally collapse on the […]

this week

This week – back to school and friends visiting from overseas so my diary exploded! But look at that lovely empty Saturday – delightful! Lots of extra note making this week to help me keep track of gifts that needed posting, a little girl’s birthday party, and a stack of Woolies animal trading cards going to and from various friends […]

I need new friends.

Ones who don’t make me cry in the kitchen at 10pm at night when everyone else is in bed. It’s kind of a long story. When Beetle was born, the lovely Miss AJ was clearing out some baby clothes, and offered me a big parcel of baby boys stuff. And by full, I mean the post bag was bursting at […]