Race the Date :: Reunion

The airport was noisy and full of people rushing to be somewhere else. Occasionally the doors would open and a fresh wave of people would flood into the arrivals hall, scanning thw crowds for a familiar face. The longer she stood there, waiting for it to be her turn for someone to smile in her direction, to scoop her up […]

The end.

How are we at the end of the holidays already? It’s been fun, thanks to everyone who has joined in the resurrected Bloggers Boogie over the last few weeks. Time to celebrate the end of holidays and the long weekend, and take the boogie out with a bang! HOW IT WORKS: Blog up to five songs. Any theme, or no […]

Sew Your Stash Thin 2013 {wrap up}

1. EyeSpy quilt  2. Camping Shower Bags  3. Overnight Bag  4. Diary Cover  5. Dolls Quilt & Matching Pillow 6. Spring Dolls Quilt Swap (to be blogged)  7. Secret Santa Crochet hook roll  8. Drama Mug Rug 9. 5 Teacher Mug Rugs (to be blogged)  10. Loyalty Card Holders 11. Preschool Dolls Quilt (to be blogged) 12. Camping clothes rolls […]

Bloggers Boogie :: Summer Nights

It’s party season, and what party is complete without a soundtrack? The Bloggers Boogie is back from now until the end of January to celebrate the fabulousness that is summer holidays! HOW IT WORKS: Blog up to five songs. Any theme, or no theme. One video or five. Come link up, from 9am AEDST Saturdays until 5pm AEDST Sundays. Pop […]

Trifextra :: week 100

The first time I saw him, the next day, he was yet to wake. Eyes closed, his face still. I felt his peace, and lay close by. I held his hand, took a breath and slept as well. ~~~ Adding 33 single syllable words to the prompt “The first time I saw…” for this week’s Trifextra challenge. This is a […]


Three weeks. It sounds like a lot, at the start. But then we blink, or we turn around, or we something, and it’s over. Between the Christmas Eve stuff and the Christmas Day stuff and the camping in the mountains and the New Year stuff where we went to bed well before midnight because that’s what happens when you have […]

Twenty Treats :: the round-up

1. Double Choc Chip biscuits 2.Mars Bar Slice 3. Cinnamon Palmiers 4. Chocolate Crackles 5. Turkish Delight Slice {with recipe} 6. Melting Moments 7. Sour Cream Coffee Cake 8. Chocolate Pretzels 9 & 10. Cherry Ripe Cheesecake & Pepppermint Crisp Cheesecake 11. Caramel Mudcake 12. Pink Cupcakes 13. Cinnamon Tea Cake 14. Tiramisu Cheesecake 15. Banana Bread 16. ANZAC Biscuits […]

make {one little word 2014}

Last year, my word was intent – while I didn’t act as intentionally as I’d hoped in some areas, it was a good fit for me, and I think it worked better than a laundry list of resolutions, especially with the first half of the year going down the gurgler when I was out of action with morning sickness, and […]

Kick The Bucket 2014 {WIP challenge}

Last year, AJ hosted the Sew Your Stash Thin challenge (for which my round-up post is coming soon!) to get us busting our stashes. This year, it’s a WIP challange (which she also ran in 2012, though I didn’t join in with that one), but with a difference – it’s a WIP bucket list challenge! For the purposes of the […]

melting {bloggers boogie}

HOW IT WORKS: Blog up to five songs. Any theme, or no theme. One video or five. Come link up (in the comments this week), from 9am AEDST Saturday until 5pm AEDST Sunday. Pop around and enjoy the tunes! It’s that easy.  Not a blogger? Feel free to post your songs in the comments, on the Little White Dove Facebook […]