this week

Rainy days and sick little people make for a snuggly cuddly crafty kind of week. It was lovely to have a small chance to ride the mojo wave. How was your week? Wet? Crafty?>

in the mailbox {march}

1. Project Life nesting dies 2. Grid page journal (gifted) 3. Washi tape (gifted) 4. pet tag from the cheap shop 5. dies to match my letterpress label plates 6. Letterpress plate – assorted accents 7. Letterpress paper 4×6 8. A4 bookboard 9. Fimo to make this awesome Elsa figurine 10. A5 stamp carving block 11. Fimo modelling tools 12. […]

needlework essentials :: thread catcher

{part two of five. See part one here} My favourite place to stitch is curled up on the lounge. Hoop in hand, pattern to one side, threads to another. Generally the tv is on, though I’m only watching with half an ear, enough to chat to Mr Dove. But my main entertainment is watching the needle move in and out […]

visual dare 54 :: covert

{photo source} The swirling snow guaranteed only most foolhardy and desperate would venture forth today. I would be safe, I reassured myself as I carefully made my way to the waiting carriage. There was no risk of seeing her, giving me more time to process the events of the previous evening’s ball. The way her eyes flashed as she spoke, […]

#challenge…accepted? Failed?

Ah, yes. The C word. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Dove and her friend(s) in possession of a good (or sometimes not so good) idea, must be in want of a challenge. My dear friend Car and I have a long history of challenges, and concurrent projects, and enabling, and “hey this sounds cool, wanna join me?” […]

out of the box {week three}

Each Monday I’ll post a challenge designed to push your comfort zone. A mix of stuff from the WIP and something new. Different styles. Different settings. Different lengths. The result is due as a link in the comment section here on the Friday of the same week. I’m mainly posting as accountability for Car, but if you’d like to play […]

this week

It’s Beetle’s baptism day! Busy getting ready for that, I’ve been kind of slack on the crafting front – I’ve looked at the BOM block laying on the desk. I’ve played with some wordwork. I’ve done a bit of fandom-related fimo-ing (is that a word?) and beading. But the focus of the week has been party prep. How about you?

needlework essentials :: needle minder

As part of Esther’s grand campaign to convince us to join her in the OUAT Sampler, she added us to the official Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery group on Facebook. Aside from all the pretty stitching, there was lots of other inspiration, in the form of cute little needle minders that kept popping up. Seriously, how did I not know about these […]

dancing on a rainbow

With the various bits that a small ballerina needs stuffed into my already-full-to-the-brim nappy bag, the weekly trek too and from dance class demanded a more organisation cargo solution, and so I promised Miss Butterfly a ballet bag. “A rainbow one, mummy?” “of course, my love, if you want a rainbow, we’ll make a rainbow.” HA. FAMOUS. LAST. WORDS. The […]