this week

It’s been a long week, but the holidays are here!! Who has big plans? If the amount of light in my studio wouldn’t fade everything like crazy, I’d love a desktop display like this. The Fussy Cutters Club kicked off this week, and looks like a heap of fun. Then I found this on Pinterest and I’m pretty sure I’ll […]

Nothing to see here

Poor little Beetle has a cold. It’s been a long couple of days with limited crafting, but he seems to be on the mend, so I’m hoping he will have a little nap in bed then Butterfly and I have a fun little project to play with together. How’s your Thursday looking?

The Aussie WIP Wednesday

My big focus this week has been this dress – look how close it is! I’ve also added a few rows to my ripple, so it hasn’t been a bad week on the WIP front! It was a bit quieter on the linky last week – but since I’m finally getting around to starting feature posts, it makes my job […]

Oh my darling

I saw it once, on Facebook at first, I think, and I loved it. As a mama of four small people, it seemed a mantra to live by, to lift them up and send them skyward when they are crippled by self doubt. Then it came up again and again, on Pinterest, and Facebook again. It continued to resonate. I […]

Alone in the crowd

She sits in the corner booth, watching her friends on the dance floor, but all she can think of is the past. Sipping her drink, visions of the times they’d dance together haunt her, and the loneliness almost brings her to tears. {photo source – image used under creative commons licence}

this week

Looking for some more Instagram prettiness? The Big List of Crafters on Instagram by The Crafty Mummy is full of inspiring feeds. How cute are the notebook/journal wraps? I’m pretty sure I’m going to need something with these staggered cables on it. I’ve been checking out house blocks lately after joining Gnome Angel’s house block swap. How’s your week been?>

The Aussie WIP Wednesday

A month or so back, a little offer popped up in my Facebook feed.Get $10 off any order over $25 at Suzy Hausfrau. I’m pretty sure the speed with which I hit “get offer” would have broken land speed records. Then of course, the problem was what to get. I fell down the rabbit hole of pretty yarn, and my […]

Child’s Newsie Hat (and my tips for making your own)

Standing in the kitchen, I surveyed the debris left by the explosion of dinner prep, planning the best course of action to deal with it in the least amount of time while the small people finished up their meal. Somewhere between “that pot won’t fit but it really needs to ‘soak’ anyway” and “Butterfly, please just eat your carrots and […]

Visual Dare 64 :: Awash

{image source} He hadn’t realised quite how long he’d been sitting there, twirling the bar mat, until a voice at his elbow pulled him from his thoughts. “You could nearly sail a boat in that.” Paul looked up, to see Rob holding two beers and nodding at the puddle that had formed on the table in front of him, condensation […]

this week

  This scrapbook layout caught my eye on Pinterest. These words are resonating at the moment – expect to see them pop up in something for the toyroom in the very near future. Sometimes we can overthink the things we need to keep our kids entertained, so I loved this list of simple travelling activities which is all about K.I.S.S. […]