Blogtoberfest wrap-up

Aaaaaand we’re done! Wow. 31 days, 31 posts. At times I’ve felt like I’ve had nothing to blog, and yet, right now, I’m thinking, but wait! I haven’t talked about this! Or this! Or, or, or…. But it’s done, and as I always am at the end of Blogtoberfest, I am glad to mark off the 31st and call the […]

Aussie WIP Wednesday :: Blogtoberfest Day 29

Because I don’t have enough unfinished projects right now, I started this little altered book during the week. I’m playing with roof options right now, I tried modelling paste on the roof but it made it warp a bit too much for my liking, so today’s job is to work out the roof and then finish the house.   How […]

minion 1 & minion 2 {blogtoberfest day 28}

When I shared my last Project Life update, I realised I hadn’t really shared much about the minion costumes I made for the boys. I’m one of those mums who love making costumes¬†(ohmygosh look how tiny my boys were!), even if I do have a wee tendency to procrastinate and then stress myself out and have a late night the […]

the dragon’s keep {blogtoberfest day25}

{image source} His eyes flicked from her face to her hand laying open as it rested on the table between them. Her eyes sparkled as she spoke, and her open hand vibrated gently. There was no other way to describe it. It wasn’t a tremble, or a shake, or even a shiver. But it wasn’t so much even the weird […]

this week

A rotating roster of sick babes meant my crafting has been alternately interrupted as I play nurse, or given free reign when the patients rest/nap and the chores are done. A new project in the works (and almost finished). 180 photos printed to do some Project Life. My Hexies are atill progressing. My ripple is moving up the priority list. […]

choc chip pretzels {Blogtoberfest day 24}

Oh my gosh, you guys, these things are the bees knees. The ducks nuts. The… I don’t know. But they are AWESOME. During the week a friend posted about making pretzels and kindly coughed up the recipe. There was nothing much doing that afternoon, so, while the baby slept, in between my housewifing and procrastinating on the housewifing, I got […]

of dresses and tiaras {blogtoberfest day 23}

Sitting in the hotel room, waiting for the mister to return from playing hunter-gatherer in the wilds that is BrisVegas, I watched as the small people bounced off the walls after a day in the car (disclaimer – no walls were harmed in the making of this holiday), and with one eye on them, and the other on the table […]

The Aussie WIP Wednesday :: WIP? What WIP?

It’s been one of those weeks. We had Butterfly’s birthday party, followed be a lovely bout of illness for the three littlest Dovettes. Crafting has kind of been on the back-burner, and I am already 2 days behind for Kids Clothing Week – something I hope to rectify today as soon as I can get Beetle down for a nap. […]

planner stamps {Blogtoberfest day 21}

  Some people should know better than to leave me alone with a good idea. A photo sent half in jest, and I was off and carving myself a set of tiny little planner stamps. It was a good reminder why I love keeping a small amount of the basics for my many varied crafts on hand. If I’d have […]