a-camping we will go…

  Now Beetle is getting bigger, the Phil & Ted’s Nest that we were using as a portacot isn’t really an option any more – it’s a fantastic little bed, and so quick & easy to set up, but being low & bendable, the little rotter can just push down & crawl out of it, and had, on more than […]

must make 2015

  A must make list is always a dangerous idea for me – a bit like a must finish list (let’s not talk about how I went with my 2014 Kick The Bucket challenge list, ok?). For those who have been here a while, you’ll know I follow my muse with a focus that would put Dory to shame (oooooo […]

embrace {one little word 2015}

this year, I struggled to find a word that would encompass everything I wanted this year to be. It wasn’t until around the 6th that I actually decided on it. Mt word for 2015? EMBRACE. I want to embrace new ideas and new directions. I want to embrace opportunities & take chances that might scare me. I want to embrace […]

This Week

Happy new year!! We have had the most delightful couple of weeks, friends and church and family. The mister is still on holidays & we are lazing about, catching up with family, reading, crafting, & playing. Regular blogging to resume soon, but for now, I’m indulging in some much-treasured family time.