on faith, creativity & making time

It’s something I hear a lot. I will be chatting to someone, and mention offhand about something I’ve made, or something I’ve blogged, something, generally, that is just “mine”, not directly connected to wife-and-motherhood, and there it is – “I don’t know how you find the time”. And I kind of shrug and mumble something about making time because it’s […]

Where I Stand {this week}

                     It’s been a good week this week. Beetle had a cold, and sick baby snuggles have taken over my crafting time for a good chunk of the week, but I still managed to get a bit of stuff done – most notably February’s project life, the cover of my blog planner (pages to […]

Project Life :: February

I sat in front of my computer a couple of weeks back, coffee in hand, baby in bed, steeling myself for the task of culling, editing & uploading February’s photos. Much to my surprise, I only ended up chosing 15 to tell the story of our month – a big change on January’s 100+. I think there are multiple factors […]

Where I Stand {this week}

  Another week done – I can’t believe we are coming up to the last full week of March! This week I’ve slowly been hitting my stride again after a flat weekend last week, and am having so much fun in the studio. So. Many. Ideas.  Other fun stuff I’ve found as my bare feet took me around the […]

a barefoot guide to metal stamping

Part of where I want to take the blog this year, includes sharing more tutorials. Sometimes they will be for a finished project, sometimes they will be just a technique, sometimes just a little hint or tip I’ve picked up along the way. Last week, I shared a tutorial of the “finished project variety” over at And Sew We Craft […]

on breaking a habit.

In the early days, I’d stand over her cot, watching. A bed full of pink blankets and pink onesies and pink swaddling and tiny little pink face, peaceful as she slept. Her brothers rowdy and bouncing just outside the door, and with just a finger to my lips, they would tip toe in, and creep up beside me. Propping one […]

Where I Stand {this week}

 No links this week – I’m blogging from my phone with not one but two snuggly unwell boys. In perfect timing, it was cool enough to call Quilt Season open. I’ve made cards and fidget toys, I’ve worked on some bags & made a travel clutch. I have inspiration & mojo coming out my ears, but for today, I’m […]

Story Time Sampler :: The Secret Garden

Ever since I was a small girl, I have been enchanted by The Secret Garden* (or on Kindle*). So I let out a little squeal when I realised it was the block for February. Even better was I was not long down the rabbit hole that is a new webseries, with The Misselthwaite Archives having captured my attention on YouTube – […]

Snug as a bug in a tea cozy {commission}

I know, I know. It’s all I seem to blog at the minute. But this is the last commission I haven’t shared with you yet. This was super fun. A lovely friend in Canada shared a picture of her new mugs. But poor little mugs had heard about Canadian winters, it seems, and came prepared – they wore little cabled […]