On sewing with vintage patterns::what I’ve learned

The pile of patterns from my mum were best categorised, for the most part, as “dear goodness the 90s weren’t good for anyone were they?”, but in between the wide-collar jumpsuits (adults) and smocked dresses (toddlers), I hit the jackpot. Based on the newspaper on which a pattern piece was traced on, the pattern dates from at least 1957. My […]

Where I Stand {this week}

       Over on Instagram, I’ve been hosting a week-long photo a day challenge called #mybarefootweek – these photos represent the six days I’ve completed so far. It’s been fun, and I’ve loved seeing where everyone’s bare feet have taken them this week.  I’ve also been wandering around the internet and found some fun stuff: A fabulous article on […]

brush script {tutorial}

  {creativity requires the courage to let go of certainty – from my 100 days project on Instagram}  I am a weird mix of perfectionist & laid back. I will let minor errors slip through on a project, in the the spirit of “done is better than perfect”, but too many, or the wrong kind, and I will twitch until […]

on persistent dreams & grown up plans

It varies, from week to week, from pilot, to engineer, to inventor. Though I guess they all have an engineering kind of common thread running through them. He’s a child who loves to know how things work, who’ll question and think and question some more. As a toddler, he spoke early and spoke constantly – especially “why?”. “Why why why […]

the handmade book {book review}

Do you ever see a book so pretty, you want to take it home & just stare at it? This book is one of those. Sneaking down the “grown-ups” end of the library after storytime, I found my attention snagged by the spine of “the handmade book*” by Angela James. I’ve dabbled here & there in book binding (you can […]

Where I Stand {this week}

                   Oh MAN, what a week! After Easter, when Mr Barefoot was back at work, and the school holidays were well under way, the small people absconded, all four of them, to my parents place, leaving me with a delightful 2.5 days to myself. So. Much. Fun. I did also have big […]

a little shop update

It was one of those ideas I had been sitting on for a while. I’d even created the instagram account for it. A little pop-up shop, with a bit of whatever was tickling my fancy at any given moment. I have for a while been planning on splitting my Etsy shops, one into my main product, one as an “outlet […]

be present

Hello school holidays! There will be playdates, there will be roadtrips, there will be craft & stories & moments of everyday magic. I love these precious two weeks when I have all my chickens in the nest (even if it means having Bear hanging over my shoulder pointing out my typos as I blog! At least I’ll know it’s pre-edited, […]