Where I Stand {this week}

                This week I am: Reading: Make Good Art* (it has been a busy week and my reading time is the thing that has to give first, sadly) Listening to: Say Something – getting my angst on ready to do some writing this week coming, if my to-do list behaves itself. Making: a quilt for the camper. […]

on false starts and finished cowls

A month or two ago, I blogged about my frustrations with a cowl I was knitting. I was thinking out loud about whether I give up, or embrace the imperfection and push on. In the end, I decided to frog the cowl and start again. I knew if it was annoying me at that stage, it would annoy me even […]

Where I Stand {this week}

  This week I am: Reading: Tina Fey’s BossyPants, Make Good Art Listening to: this mashup on repeat Making: bags. So. Many. Bags. Eating: Cadbury’s Salted Caramel Chocolate. No I haven’t tried the vegemite one. Nor do I plan to, because I don’t hate myself that much Planning: a roadtrip and more projects than is humanly possible to fit into […]

small fry outdoors {book review}

I spotted Small Fry Outdoors, one day when I was scanning the parenting shelves during story time, and it is a cracker of a find. It was full of so many great ideas for getting out and enjoying the outdoors with little people. I especially loved that each section (it was organised by seasons) included right near the front what […]

on big ideas, little boys, and chasing rabbits

Standardised testing. The joy of it. At the beginning of the school year, just a week or two into year three, Bear first expressed his anxiety about NAPLAN. As it came closer, their class did lots of preparation (one of the things I dislike about it – learning how to complete the test rather than being tested on what they’ve […]

Friday Fiction :: Almost {visual dare}

  {photo source} The sound of their yelling echoed through the now empty room, just like the door she’d slammed on the way out. After months of tense silences and pointless bickering, they’d finally found themselves together long enough to shout it out. As the car door slammed, her last words finally hit him. “It’s too late. It’s too hard. I’m […]

on blog planning & pretty books

My mojo goes in fits & spurts. Sometimes I just can’t find a groove in anything, and I have nothing to share. Or I have been working on the same thing and if I’m sick of seeing my ripple blanket every day then I’m pretty sure no-one else wants to see it constantly either. Then there’s times like now, where […]

May shop update

Someone once told me that in parenthood, the days are long and the years are short. Maybe it’s getting older. At the minute it feels like a blink & another month is gone. When I checked my editorial calendar for what I’d planned to post today, I had to check twice. Then look back at April. Surely it was too […]

Adding external blogs to WordPress Reader & Bloglovin’

Last week, I got a lovely comment from a reader of my previous blog, who had missed moving along on my move firstly to self-hosted, and then on to this new identity, and was wondering where I’d disappeared to. She mentioned she was glad to find me but self-hosted was frustrating as she liked to follow blogs in the wordpress […]