On organisation, road trip style 

Next weekend, we will load our tribe of tiny people into the car, hitch up the camper trailer and point the car north, in pursuit of adventure and warmer climes. We will spend four weeks on the road, covering 8500km over 5 states. As you can imagine, there is more than a little bit of organisation and planning involved in […]

Where I Stand {this week}

         This week I’m: Reading: This Child of Mine (Sinead Moriarty) Watching: Arrested Development on Netflix (did I say that last week? We are still working through it) Making: commissioned totes and new notecards Planning: our final trip itinerary Loving: my new haircut, including my first fringe in a long time. And no links this week, because I have barely […]

Where I Stand {this week}

        This week I have been: Listening to Meagan Trainor and maybe dancing in my chair Watching Aressted Development on Netflix with Mr Barefoot Making all the things from yarn. Rugs, beanies, blankets.  Reading lots of blogging resources.  Planning to finish some planner page design. Loving around the Internet: I have been planning a seasonal “bucket list” for a […]

Barefoot Behind the Scenes :: Branding

My editorial calendar tells me today I should be talking to you about Project Life and where I’m up to. Which would be all well and good if I actually had something to show you that was different from last month’s update. I am hoping to make the most of the long weekend and get three months (*blush*) worth of […]