where I stand {this week}

            This week has been a quiet one – two very sick little boys wanting their mama around has left me with very limited crafting time – or time for anything really. I have almost finished a cowl. I have started making notes for a potential market stall. I’ve started a design commission, and a lettering commission […]

on camping and quilts

In among the madness of getting our bags finished in time to pack to go away, I was also trying to get a quilt made. It was started around a similar time as the bags – four weeks pre-trip. I had a layer cake and two charm packs I planned to use, and after lots of back and forth on […]

August Book Review :: Home Made Simple (for kids)

This book jumped out at me at the library back before we went away – Home Made? Simple? Kids? Sign me up! Inside, it is beautifully photographed with lots of easy, fun projects, some to do with your little people, some to do for them. A lot were things that I thought “oh duh of course!” type of projects that […]

collaborative art journals

It’s one of those things that has been an idea kicking around for a while now – what if we did a progressive art journal? What would it look like? How would it work? We could never quite find the answers to those questions, so it would get shelved and then brought up and shelved again. A few months back, […]