A Year of Snail Mail :: a Barefoot Challenge

A while back, I came across a¬†fabulous BuzzFeed list of “17 DIYs that will inspire you to send more letters” on Pinterest¬†that I thought sounded like a bundle of fun. I had a few people agree with me on Twitter, and so I thought it might be fun to make a challenge out of it – which hopefully might also […]

Where I Stand {this week}

      This week has been somewhat low on the crafting, I’ve had two nights of meetings, one of birthday prep and one of work. When I have had a moment to create, I have been working on getting my Christmas card designs finished so I can get the plates made up ready to print, though I did manage to […]

on decluttering, mojo and WIP busting

The final frontier of my recent decluttering and clean-out was finishing up my studio. Yeah, that old chestnut. But enough was enough. Last week Car & I had a few craft-room-cleaning-sprints – we would catch up on Facebook, and then on the count of three, go our hardest for 15 solid minutes before reporting back. I found the first one, […]

Periscope :: my DIY phone tripod

  How fun is Periscope? For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s The New Thing in social media apps – developed by Twitter, it is a mobile-based video streaming app. You log in, hit start broadcast, and start talking. One of my biggest problems early on was working out how to get my phone […]

Flash Fiction :: Gift or Curse?

   {image source -used under Creative Commons licence} At first, she tried to keep it quiet. It sounded like it was something that she should be thrilled about, but she found she wasn’t. Didn’t everyone want to avoid getting older? To live longer? The Sunday night lament of needing more hours in the day lost its power with all of […]

Where I Stand {this week}

   this week I am: Sick of my family being sick. The latest bug doing the rounds has knocked my little people sideways – Boy2 and I are the only ones (so far) to not get it.  Loving Lino printing. Print and carve alllll the things.  Eating birthday cake in an attempt to get rid of it all before the […]