on the bookshelf – November

It’s funny how setting a goal can completely mess with your perspective. Sitting down to share my books finished in November, I’m feeling rather flat – I’m well behind on my goal for the year. This goal, admittedly, was rather optimistic, and set after a bumper start to the year. It was always going to be a long shot, and […]

press pause

Two weeks after we ground to a halt, I feel like the adrenaline crash has well and truly hit. I’ve caught up on all the washing. I’ve rescued the last of the dishes from random places – bookshelves, floors, jammed between mattresses and walls. I’ve hauled ten* bags of tissues to the bin. I’ve thrown open the door and hustled […]

open season

Another mixed up year has both whizzed by, and dragged along, and somewhere along the way completely disappeared, washing us up on the shore of Advent Sunday. It really doesn’t feel like it should be. It hasn’t been nearly hot enough, until the last couple of days, to be genuinely considered Christmas Season. And yet, here we are. A neat […]

my type of bag

Full of both a finished projects, and it’s off casts, my maker tote has been staring at me for weeks. It needing sorting, emptying, and a new home found for it. Every time I thought about it though, I ended up finding something else to catch my attention, and boring things like reorganising a project bag fell by the wayside. […]

for gnome’s sake

I had big plans for a triumphant WIP Wednesday post today. After a productive week, I’d finished gnome four, started gnome five and finished it, and gotten cracking on gnome six. The wheels came off last night when I thought I might do a couple of the feature inset colours, and consulted my chart and my previous gnome, only to […]

on becoming a finisher

The 19th of March, 2020, in my mind, is a line in the sand. We came home from the coast after an excursion, watching the children learn and the world close down, country by country. We drove through the gates, and we didn’t come back out for two months. We’d only moved to the farm 6 weeks earlier, and we […]

shawl be coming’ round the mountain

In our podcast recording today, we were chatting about how it doesn’t feel like Christmas if you are sitting around in your jeans and a jumper. The festive season is all about the smell of fresh air and mangos and sunscreen, of doors thrown open early to catch the cool then closed up against the heat, of cicadas calling in […]

spin cycle

Is there anything quite like the energy of not only a new project, but a whole new hobby, complete with shiny new toys? My mind has been buzzing with that energy, itching for creative play time. The last couple of weeks have been busy, and my lovely new spinning wheel has remained tucked up cozy in it’s little bag, crying […]

to tassie, with love

It was the skirt I noticed first. Deep in the trenches of my own ripple blanket, the tiny little girl across the room, wearing the most adorable crocheted ripple skirt, grabbed my attention immediately. Like the Very Cool And Normal person that I am, I introduced myself and then skipped the small talk and went straight into gushing about the […]

one step forward, two steps back

For someone who suffers a terminal case of imposter syndrome, it is, ironically, my hubris that brings me undone out often. Last night, powering through my knitting, I was patting myself on the back at my progress. I was done to 86 stitches a row, from 128. I was on row 83 of 160, and each row was going quicker […]