EMBRACE the year that was

I’m not quite sure, really, how to sum up 2022. It’s been a year where I have had to EMBRACE the silver linings of hard moments. I’ve joyously EMBRACEd the little moments of magic. I’ve worked to EMBRACE a whole lot of personal growth, and EMBRACE the end of my fortieth trip around the sun. I’ve been inspired to EMBRACE […]

WIP Wednesday :: December Daily

It’s interesting to me, that the longer I do this crafty thing, the less prescriptive I am in my expectations of myself. I have always struggled with perfectionism, to the point of complete stoppage on projects, leading to creative freeze. It’s something I’m working on though. I’ve shared a bit about my struggles with my 2022 December Daily album. Since […]

crafting some Christmas spirit

Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas, in our house, if there aren’t three million craft activities on the go at any one time. I’ve been madly crafting my 12 Days, which has ground to a halt today. One item isn’t quite right, and I need supplies, which I can’t get locally. The last two aren’t going to work so I’m scrambling […]

stocking stuff-up {advent blogalong day 12}

I love knitting. There’s something so soothing and meditative about. What I do not like, however, is purling. I find it slow and awkward, which to be fair says more about my coordination than it does about the actual act of purling. Most recently, I cast on a new project – a free knit stocking from Bendigo Woollen Mills. The […]

Sunday Stash :: Teacher Gifts 2022

Once upon a time, these last couple of weeks of school would be a flurry of activity, with my main creative energy going towards teacher gifts. Now, we are homeschoolers, but I think it’s only fair all four children give their teacher a little something, don’t you? While the children were at a workshop last week, I made the most […]

five fun things for Friday

What a week! The December business has certainly hit with a vengeance. There’s been homeschool excursions and sticker commissions and photos to edit on a deadline. Dentist appointments and vet appointments and hair appointments. Carol rehearsals and sports Christmas parties. It’s been go go go all week, and I am very glad to declare the weekend officially open for business. […]

last Christmas {Advent blogalong day 7}

Today, I’ve been playing catch up with my advent album. A blend of December Daily and Art Journal Advent, I’ve had my Little Golden Book sitting on my shelves waiting for weeks. It seems like a good idea at the time, but having completed four days so far, now I’m not so sure. My feelings on the pages range from […]

whoops I tripped {Advent blog along day six}

…and fell into three balls of yarn and a new project. Because it’s not like I have anything going on this month, is it? Nothing that I’m falling behind on. No to-do list blowing out with extra jobs because I’m a sucker for “just a quick favour, if that’s ok?”. Nothing at all to do with my days besides order […]

gnome me up, Scotty

When I pulled out my gnomes again this year, I needed to make a few adjustments. My infamous inability to handle basic estimates of size meant I needed to cull from twelve to eight. Like a normal person, I have all my gnomes listed in a spreadsheet, sorted by folder and height, and colour coded by position. It’s a work […]