parallel play

For the last two years, in the midst of the wildly disconnecting times the 2020s have been, Fridays have become a highlight of the week, and one of my favourite moments of connection. When you live six hours and a state border away from your number one crafty enabler, during a pandemic, and don’t get to see each other for […]

couch bound

If you’ve been around here or my insta for a while, you might know I have a reputation for ridiculous injuries that are just a little bit extra. It is, admittedly, a well earned reputation – burning my foot on a heat gun at midnight the night before camp is a particular highlight (lowlight?). I think though, I have outdone […]

connecting beyond the casual

In the way of social circles linking each other into classes and kids growing up, as I find my myself running my small (and not so small!) folk around their activities each week, I’m generally hanging out with the same people at teenage sports, that I was hanging out with at toddler music. After almost sixteen years on the mummy […]

needlework essentials 3.0 :: needle case {+ tutorial}

As I slowly built my newest needlework kit, I thought I was just about done…and then insta inspo struck, courtesy of my awesome #saturdaynightcraftalong community. I already had a magnetic needle minder, and a floss minder (my new rainbow versions of those are coming over the next couple of weeks!), but it involved threading and unthreading the one needle, and […]

my everyday life

Two lifetimes ago, I followed quite a few photography blogs, and spent almost as much time on Flickr as I now do on instagram. It was a fun, positive, encouraging community to be part of, and I found myself getting swept up in the tidal wave of project365 excitement coming into 2010. It was set to be a massive year […]

on the bookshelf :: February

As expected, February was much lighter on in the reading department than January – exactly half, as it turned out. Six finished books, compared to January’s twelve, but still an average of 1.5 books a week in a month where we were back to school and extra-curriculars and new projects; not a bad effort, I don’t think! In January, I […]


As much as I enjoyed these mini goals over the past two years, I feel like I’m hitting a bit of a wall, and struggling to set a top three each month. I enjoy the process of having those three things to focus on – I have them noted on the dashboard of my day book, and I made a […]