15 @ 40 // day two

It’s a spiral sometimes, this crafty business. For my fortieth birthday late last year, my family treated me to a long coveted addition to the gadget shelf – a spinning wheel. While I haven’t yet quite gotten to the “maybe we should get a couple of sheep” part of proceedings, I am rapidly amassing a nice collection of fibres for […]

15 @ 40 // day one

“You don’t understand what art is, and having supplies doesn’t make you creative” In a busy year seven art class, the words weren’t heard much past those sharing a table with me. I doubt the teacher who said them would even remember my name, never mind the specific incident where she spoke those words to me. Years later, one of […]

on the bookshelf :: May

During one of our early recording sessions for the upcoming fourth season of our podcast, we chat accountability and motivation, and I offhandedly threw out the idea of a low-key bookclub/accountability group. It stuck in my mind, so I mentioned it on Instagram, and the response was overwhelming. Within a day or so, the Barefoot Bookclub was born. Because accountability […]

hiding in plain sight

When the invitation first arrived, declaring the party to be a dress up one, my first thought was one of self-sabotage. Instead of thinking “oh yay! How fun!” it was “oh man, what if my costume is dumb and everything thinks I’m a giant nerd?”. Then I gave myself a strong talking to. “Self,” I said, “you ARE a giant […]