blogtober day 14 // Saturday Stash

In hindsight, taking the teenager with me to buy supplies for a cricut project wasn’t my smartest move. He huffed and he puffed and he blew the attitude my way as he asked “how long, exactly, does it take to pick vinyl?” “I’m waiting on the board to help me decide which one,” I replied. Logical, I thought. Not to […]

blogtober day 13 // if they say jump

“If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?” It’s such a classic mum line, isn’t it? We’ve all heard it from our own parents. Those of us in the trenches of teen parenting have likely said it a time or two. I know I have, even as I side-eye enablers one and two, and think to myself, “yeah, probably […]

blogtober day 11 // birthday season closed

And so, the voice inside my head that sounds suspiciously like Lady Whistledown, I do declare the 2023 season has come to a close. Birthday season is always a whirlwind. 4 birthdays in 5 weeks, plus our wedding anniversary, fathers day, a long weekend, and every year (lately anyway), there seems to be something big happening in between all that. […]

Blogtober day 10 // be prepared

Just like time is a heartless wench that refuses to slow down or stop passing, so too are my children determined to grow up regardless of my feelings on the matter. 2013 Me, exhausted and in the trenches of newborns and toddlers and kindergarteners, has a lot to answer for, having told myself “it will be easier once they are […]

blogtober day 9 // starting from scratch

The time has come, the walrus said, to speak of many things…like setting up my craft nook. Of course, there are many things to get done before that can happen. Actually moving into the house is one of those things. That’s the (semi) boring stuff though. Setting up beds, making beds, getting the fridge hooked up, all rather important things, […]

blgotober day 8 // Sunday snippets

One of the hardest things I’m finding, about Blogtober in the 2020s, is how every post comes with the pressure to mean something. It has to be a post that can be shared to Pinterest, or Insta, or somewhere other than here. As a craft blogger, it “should” include a project or a tip or a tutorial, something that “adds […]

blogtober day 6 // dib dib

Walking in from scouts each night, a voice rises up from the couch. “Dib dib”. “Dob dob,” comes the echo, from the small boy beside me. I don’t think dib dib dob dob has been the scout call and echo for a solid decade, but it doesn’t stop this crazy boy and his daddy using it as their post-scout greeting […]

blogtober day 5 // three favourite craft tools

As I slowly start collecting my various tools and gadgets from their widespread little hideyholes, I’m finding myself prioritising what comes out in what order. It can be a bit tricky – it’s a truth universally acknowledged my love language is gadgets. I love fun toys that make my life and crafting more pleasant, and trying to narrow down to […]

blogtober day 4 // wordless Wednesday

Life currently: training the Roomba, trying to keep the cat out of cupboards, assembling all the flatpack, settling in to this new space. Also in my orbit: reading// What Is Left Over After (Natasha Lester), due back by the weekend watching// The Newsreader seasons 2 on iView planning// the last of stage one of new house art – maybe this […]