blogtober day 3 // new quilt planning

There is a delightful synchronicity, as I wrap up a reflection series of fifteen years of blogging and turn my mind to new things – specifically, new projects in my new space – that the top item on the list is a quilt for my biggest baby. My very first post, all the way back in June 2008, was about […]

blogtober day 2 // new house who dis?

In January 2020, we bubbled with excitement at the adventure ahead of us. A little cabin, generously described as rustic, was to be our home for the next twelve months as we built our new house. Tiny house life was going to be a blast – and it was. We were still very much in the novelty phase, when everything […]

blogtober 2023 // day one

September, by all objective measures, was a rollercoaster of craziness, even in a month notorious for craziness. Not only did we have three of our four children celebrating birthdays, but we also had a houseguest, a visit to the big smoke for the orthodontist, the biggest teen getting his license, and the hustle to the finish line of house building. […]