box it up

“You can’t read tone over text,” goes the argument of those most disturbed of people, who advocate for phone calls instead of just hanging up and texting like a normal person. I beg to differ. Clearly they have never received a text message that starts with “hey Rach…” in just that exact tone that tells me there’s a project incoming. […]

what is “packing light”?

In the before times, we would road trip quite regularly. A month in a camper trailer with four kids meant I had my packing skills down to a fine art. Clothes wise, anyway. When it came my craft supplies though, I seemed to lack the same ruthlessness. If I packed too light and had to wear the same shorts two […]

album update // week one

A week in, and I’m finding my December Daily is more like, December Every Four Days. While I do take my photos each day, the prints themselves tend to work better as 4-to-a-print, to be scrapped onto a 4×6 card, so I tend to get four done in a sitting once I have photos ready to be collaged. For the […]

the week that was

One week down already, and it’s been a hustle from start to finish. We’ve even fallen a couple of days behind on our advent activity calendar, but have managed to squeeze in plenty of fun along the way. We’ve made watercolour Christmas trees and baked and decorated bikkies. There’s been carols rehearsals for the littlest, and a stolen moment of […]

all about the drama

In the very earliest days of my motherhood, as I floundered my way through those bleary eyed newborn days, trying to find my feet and a moment to sleep, I was lucky enough to connect with an amazing mothers group. For many many years, we would meet together weekly and watch babies grow and swap stories from the trenches of […]

in a one horse crafty sleigh

And so, here we are on December First. Twenty four days until the jolly fat man squeezes his way down our brand new chimney, and it’s time to kick the fun into high gear. A normal person would suggest one advent project is probably enough, two or three would be optimistically achievable. But normal and I, you see, aren’t exactly […]