on the cards :: February

February has been a mixed bag of life being so very lifeish. We’ve kicked off another year of school, and the teenagers are back into their work schedules. I’m trying to find a balance of teaching homeschool and keeping on top of the housework and squeezing in creative time and not losing my mind in the process. My card a […]

100 Days 2024

Every year, I say I’m going to do #the100daysproject. Every year, I get at least a week in. Most years, that’s as far as it goes. I think I’ve finished exactly twice. The infamous 2020 “pandemic breakdown but make it productive” major shift, and last year, technically, counts as a finish, even if that finish came about thanks to a […]

patty cake patty cake

I saw a meme, a while back, that being in your forties means the children within your friend group are either teens about to leave home, or babies & toddlers keeping. Either way, none of us are getting any sleep. I laughed, and promptly tagged a friend, whose tiny toddler is the bookend to my almost-grown Bear. Sixteen years, between […]

three “splurge” purchases I can’t live without

Once upon a time, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and hashtags on instagram worked, I had a fun little personal tag – #lookAJmoretools – documenting the myriad toys, tools and goodies I’ve collected along the way. As each new inspiration strike hit and dragged me into a new hyper fixation, my collection of bits and bobs grew. It became […]

quiltmas progress

On my morning walk earlier this week, I was listening to an episode of the ABC podcast, “All In The Mind”, all about performance psychology. Specifically, sports psychology. Not a link you would normally expect to read on a craft blog, written by someone who’s idea of high performance activity is “getting all the parcels from the post office desk […]

couch crafting :: cross stitch edition

Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. With my latest cross-stitch, I splurged on a pattern marking app (I use Markup R-XP) to track my pattern on my phone. I’ve long envied the numbers and stats tracking AJ has been able to share in the chat, and with a larger pattern with more complex distribution than I would usually […]

on the bookshelf :: January

Part of my creative life that I’ve come to accept, that also bleeds into other hobbies, is that my brain works best in swings and roundabouts. I’ve learned to follow the mojo where it leads, and give myself grace to let go of shoulda woulda coulda. Reading is no different. I’ve always been a voracious reader, but there are definite […]