on the cards :: April

Another month down, and I’m officially at the one third mark of this project. I have had my doubts, at certain points, if I would keep up with it, I will confess. There have weeks where it feels hard to be creative, where I let my messy desk be an excuse to not create. When I make the effort to […]

tell me a story

and then I’ll go to bed… It is a little rhyme my mum always used to sing to me as a child. After fifteen years of blogging, it can be interesting, shall we say, the ways I come up with blog titles. Especially with projects that I’ve shared progress posts of, it becomes harder and harder to come up with […]

web of blooms

In April of last year, I was in the car on the way to Sydney for a party; in between the thirty million deadspots along the New England Highway, I was madly refreshing my instagram. It was after all, a destash weekend and if there’s one thing I like more than pretty fabric, it’s pretty fabric at a discount. Of […]

100 days :: halfway

I have a love-hate relationship with the 100 Days project. At the start, I’m always gungho and keen to create some amazing things. By about day 20, I’m either completely obsessed, or have forgotten the darn thing exists. Around the time of day twenty this year, life was being particularly lifeish. I was in a rut of the worst kind, […]

craft room tour

For almost four years, from January 2020 to October 2023, I mourned my beloved craft room in town. A little sunroom off the side of the original half of the house, nothing more than an enclosed verandah, it was flooded with light and kitted out with a wrap around desk, stacks of shelving and storage. It took weeks to sort […]

WIP Wednesday :: in the frog pond

When it comes to errors, my motto, generally speaking, is fudge it and keep moving. Sometimes, of course, the errors are too large to ignore, and the choice is made for me. One of the big lessons I’ve learnt is when to let go of perfection, and when to let go of the project. Over the weekend, with a couple […]

hobbies can wait

“Are you actually going to use it, or will it just end up collecting dust?” The question, from my husband, as he stared at the loom now taking up residence in our lounge room, would be considered by most reasonable people to be a fair one. If there’s one thing in life I do not lack for, it’s options in […]

on the cards :: March

The fact I’m writing my March wrap on the eighth of April is testament to the busyness of life at the minute. I can’t believe the first quarter is done and dusted and we’re rapidly heading for ANZAC Day and our first frost. I will confess, straight up, I am very rarely working on this project on the daily. There […]

easter in review

The cupboard is slowly emptying of chocolate, the sugar crashes are in full swing, and Easter is done for another year. Funnily enough, I think we were craftier when we had a smaller space and limited supplies than we were this year. In fairness, Holy Week, normally jam-packed with fun and crafts was interrupted by dentist appointments (Monday) and hair […]