bits and pieces

Every project has its season; or so I tell myself when I look into my overflowing “ongoing projects” box (not, of course to be confused with the “current projects” box. Or the “actively working on” basket”. Or the “monthly focus trolley“.) Over the long weekend, the inspiration hit and my lizard brain decided it was time to revisit my Quiltmas […]

inspiring little creatives

Over the last few years, our homeschool group has grown not only in numbers, but in age as well. Where once Bear was the only high schooler at our regular meet ups, these days we are bursting at the seams with high schoolers. It’s a wonderful problem to have; coming up with fun activities for the group and expose them […]

three strikes

I first learnt to knit as a small child. Mostly, it was scarves or simple fold over slippers; nothing that required foreign concepts like “gauge”. I grew up, moved onto other crafts, and my knitting needles remained pushed to the bottom of the drawer. Then, at quilt camp 2011, the very first camp, I was gifted a pretty ball of […]

messy may :: mess managed

May was a busy month on the craft table. Not only did I wrap up 100 Days and keep my card project ticking over, but I also undertook – and completed – Messy May for the first time. Messy May is an annual, 31 day art journaling challenge, and not one I’ve done much with previously. over the last year, […]

100 Days :: The Wrap Up

It’s something that sounds easy enough. One thing a day, every day, for one hundred days. Except more often than not, I fail within the first week. Well; in The Before, I failed within the first week. In the years since 2020, I have started four times, and as of last week, I’ve finished three of those four attempts. This […]

on the trolley : June

As the season changes, so too is my trolley, with another big reshuffle and reorganisation. The big change this month is the addition of my spinning wheel. For well over a month now, I’ve been wanting to spin, and I kept putting off the dyeing of the fibres and actually getting stuck in. Part of my procrastination was inspired by […]