Pencil Roll Tutorial

As promised, I’m back with a tutorial for a pencil roll I made a while back. It holds 10 pencils plus a notepad. I used Staedler Maxi Learner’s pencils, for two reasons. One, they are nice & chunky for little hands, and two, they are the only Australian Made pencils I could find. MATERIALS: Outer fabric – 2 peices cut 15.5″ […]

More pencil rolls…

A couple of special little girls we know are turning two this week, so I raided my stash, and dug out the leftovers from the apron I made for my mother-in-law to make a couple of little pencil rolls. Both are slightly different to each other, and to the last pencil roll I made. These rolls hold 10 pencils, and […]

Pencil roll

One of Bear’s little friends has just turned two, and I was at a loss as to what to get him. He is one of these children that has everything. So when I saw some very cute pencil/texta/crayon rolls appearing on a few of the blogs I read, I figured I could kill two birds with one stone – a […]

…pencil case….

What else does one make for a birthday gift, when the birthday girl is turning five and is about to stat big school, and has almost everything she wants? A pretty little custom pencil case of course! Pencil cases and pencil rolls have long been my go-to gift to make. Back when the big boys were tiny, I made them […]

rolling rolling rolling

This pencil roll was a little side project I was puttering along with last week, in amongst everything else. It came about after I got a message via Facebook, asking if I made the rolls to sell, by a lovely UK lady who’d found my blog, and a post where I’d made pencil rolls using this fabric previously. I bought […]

…last minute gift ideas…

Four sleeps to go, and around here, we are full steam ahead on the Christmas gift crafting train! One of our favourite things to make for various grandparents & great-grandparents, is a baked goodies hamper. Like most of us, they don’t need, or even particularly want, anything, but we still want to give them something. This year, their box of […]

…mini stationery case…

It’s funny, how in my last post I felt like all I was posting was a backlog of challenge projects, and nothing much in the way of real-time, what-I’m-making kind of posts. And then a project falls in my lap and we bust out a project in a morning. So what I had planned to share today, from last week’s […]


             DreamCake mug rug Ribbon board/hairclip holder Digger/Bulldozer softie with pattern printable Pencil roll with notepad

fly little butterfly

  I gleefully posted up a photo on Facebook, of Butterfly’s vintage-bowling-ball-inspired overnighter that I designed/made, as I do with most things I make. And my notifications EXPLODED. Including a note from a friend – “So cute. I’ll order one in blue and one in green”. O.M.G. “Are you for real?” I asked, as in, wow, someone thinks they are […]

the last day

I adore school holidays. All three of my babies home, and all mine for two whole weeks. And lately, their daddy as well. But Monday saw a return to our normal daily lives. Almost. Boy2 was at preschool, but Bear had a pupil free day. We pottered about and played, Bear and Butterfly found a storage tub that had been […]