A quick exercise in creation…

I have subscribed to a mailing list called “Illustration Friday” for a while now, it’s an little email inspiration prompter. I haven’t really done much with it, because until recently, I’ve mainly focused on photography as my main artistic expression, plus most other mediums were quite scary, to be honest. They seemed to demand a larger outlet then my mediocre abilities were able to produce. However, since falling in love with a little place called Etsy, I’ve discovered an art form called ACEO or ATC, which is Art Cards Editions & Originals, and Artist Trading Cards. These artworks are only small, 6cm x 8.5cm, so not so daunting. In the spirirt of spreading my creative wings, I decided to give one a whirl. This week’s topic was “Repair”.



Painted with acrylic paint on cardboard salvaged from an old box I had lying around. The paintbrush is on thick white cardstock, and attached with a double sided adhesive foam square, so it is actually 3D. I was pretty happy with how it turned out – pretty close to what I had pictured in my head.


Lots of other creative stuff happening at the minute, I have another couple of these little artworks I want to do, I’m going to have a stab at coptic book binding, and I have some other new endeavours I’m hoping to have a go at. I also picked up my journal for the first time in ages over the weekend, and wrote a bit of (not-very-good) poetry. I’m creative-central here at the minute!

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