Am I a bad mummy?

If I can’t stand more than around 5 minutes of Thomas the Tank Engine? The small boy woke up from his nap over an hour early yesterday, and understandably, was in an horrendous mood. With the aim of him either a)resting or, preferrably b) going back to sleep, I grabbed boy, blanket & pillow, and popped on his favourite Thomas DVD. No more than five seconds elapsed before he was batting those eyelids at me and requesting “wie down too, mummy”. My brain is mummy mush enough without subjecting it to Thomas, so I grabbed my sketchbook and “wie” down… which lead to my evil sleep inducing plan falling to peices as a running commentary of my drawing and the Thomas episode began! “tho-as, mummy, and percy! pen-suls? Me pen-suls? Oo, mummy dwaw ba-oon (balloon), pretty birdy mummy. Mummy, where henry? Where’s the Toby? Mummy?…” You get the idea!


So with that in one ear, and the Thomas soundtrack in the other, I did a couple of little sketches.



Calmness, floating, drifting in th sun on a lazy spring day, forgetting about the world and taking time out.



cutting loose, reaching for the sky, riding the breeze & seeing where it leads.


More stuff still to show when I have some more blogging time!

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