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…barefoot card of the week project…

…barefoot card of the week project…

Now my craft room is clean, and I found my mojo in the process, I’m uncovering lots of half completed and semi-forgotten projects, and starting to get moving on them again. One project that falls into this category started life, surprising exactly no-one, as a challenge. The idea was that a few of us would play along, and create a mini card each week, sometimes with prompts, sometimes not. My “weekly” soon dropped off to “whenever I wanted to art but couldn’t be bothered with a full journal page”, but I am trying once again to complete one card a week. I’ve had a real rush of 4×6 cards lately, so I’m trying to move back to vertical 3×4 cards before I run out of pages in my album!!

My album so far:20171010-DSC_0640

Page one – first prompt was “your initial” (top left), second prompt was “layers”, and the bottom card is one I made while teaching a friend how to do mixed media. It may have had a prompt of faces, I’m thinking? (I just checked instagram, it was indeed “faces”).


Page two – top left was unprompted, but a result of memes and chat and giggles. Top right was “Australian poetry”. The bottom was unprompted officially, but inspired by a case of the Mondays.


Page three – top left, arting out my emotions as our big boy went on an excursion without us, for the first time; bottom was a confluence of a quote (handwritten on the card) I saw floating around the internet around the same time I was rewatching a Jane Eyre webseries and was struck at how well the two went together.


Page four – a cheeky art session when I should have been working or housewifing or generally being productive #whoops


20171010-DSC_0646Page five is the card I made at the beginning of the month to mark the beginning on my 31 days project.


And the latest card is this cutie, made as part of a tutorial I followed on Patreon by Clair Bremner, a Melbourne artist I have followed for quite some time. I was a little bit excited when she actually commented on it on Instagram!

And there is one more missing, but for some reason, wordpress isn’t loving the file and is refusing to upload it, so I will have to share in a future post.

This is a super fun project, not least of which is because it is quick, easy, and is a great way to sneak a little bit of art into my day. I don’t have a set day for card making, but I am aiming for at least one a week, just for the consistency, and because everything is easier when you’re not rusty. At this point, I’m working without prompts, and just going with the flow. If you are an instagrammy-type, I tag all my card photos with #barefootcardoftheweek over there, if you’d like to see my cards as I make them.

Here’s hoping I can keep up the momentum, and have filled all the holes in my album by Christmas! I’m also open to new prompts, so if there’s something you’d like to see me tackle in this project, leave me a comment with your prompt, and I’ll make a card based on it!


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