bible journalling

bible journalling layout

Three excited little people and one very confused baby piled onto the bed, laden with gifts wrapped in newsprint and decorated with the precious, priceless artworks of the ones I love the best. Mr Dove ran interference with the afore-mentioned baby who had decided the best way out of said confusion would be to taste everything even vaguely paper related, as one by one, the parcels shed their wrapping amid explanations from small people. The journalling bible I’d asked for was subject to much examination and discussion, and a surprise addition to the gift pile of a lovely tin of Derwent pencils* was highly coveted. Breakfast in bed was served while I read a card that demanded “do not do any jobs today, mummy” – this is something I could get on board with. I was brought flowers from the garden and my iPad to read. A second coffee along with further instruction to stay in bed (another thing I am perfectly ok with). Then, as daddy prepped and cleaned the children ready for church, I stashed my pretty new bible and some pens in my nappy bag, and away we went.

bible journalling 2

Some notes I doodled during the sermon, others I jotted on the sermon outline to work in later in pencil. I highlighted words and verses that spoke to me, and added a title based on the theme of last week’s sermon and this week’s.

bible journalling title

bible journalling

The all important pen test –

bible pen testThe Uni-Ball Eye pen* in blue(and elsewhere, the pink) shows through, as does the Memento inkpad* I used to stamp the date on my notes. I used the Uniball Signo in white for the titles and had no issues at all with it coming through, so I think it and the cute coloured biros I use in my diary planner will be my go-to pens for journalling, in conjunction with my pencils. I’m hooked!


Today, I have all four Dovettes in the nest, with the two big boys home from school unwell, making for a quiet day at home. A few chores to knock over and then I plan to sit with them and a movie and see if I can’t get another couple of rows added to my ripple blanket. There’s some video from yesterday to edit into vlog form. The studio needs finishing so I can finish unpacking my camp gear. Must admit that doesn’t hold much appeal though. A stolen day should be used for fun things, don’t you think? Maybe the studio can wait until tomorrow…




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