brush script {tutorial}


{creativity requires the courage to let go of certainty – from my 100 days project on Instagram}

 I am a weird mix of perfectionist & laid back. I will let minor errors slip through on a project, in the the spirit of “done is better than perfect”, but too many, or the wrong kind, and I will twitch until it’s fixed. New hobbies can either fall under the umbrella of “it’s about the process not the result” or “I will not be able to do that 100% perfect the first time so I won’t do it”. There’s no in between. Improv patchwork was a bit like that for me – it looked fabulous, but there’s no way I could do that, so I didn’t even attempt it. Eventually I did, it was easier than I thought, and when I stopped overthinking it, it looked fabulous. Watercolours, I love, but I also suck, so because I am a rational adult, I leave them in my cupboard and save them for extras in mixed media, rather than sucking it up, realising nobody is perfect at first try & practicing so I improve. 

Brush script was one of those “I am going to suck so I won’t do it” things – until I actually gave it a go. And guess what? It actually wasn’t that hard. To show you how easy it is, and to encourage you to try it, I made a little how-to video. Grab some acrylic paint and a brush, it’s time to get messy. 

What new things do you want to try this week?

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