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On a blog hop the other day, I came across a post by bbeingcool, with a challenge to post a drawing a day during September. She’s even provided prompts and all. And, well, you know how Car and I are when it comes to challenges of the creative variety. So it is on like donkey kong. Aided by the gorgeous sketch book gifted to me by Kirsty, I’m hoping to knock out thirty little sketches over the next month. I plan to post mine here once a week, and maybe on twitter too, not sure yet.

Which reminded me that I haven’t yet blogged the LAST drawing challenge Car and I did! One of the very first Car v LWD challenges was to draw a face. You can find Car’s face here. Mine still isn’t completely finished, but for someone with zero artistic ability, I’m pretty happy with the current progress. The ears were being tricky, until I got Boy2 to sit next to me and I could work on the line work by sight.


Today is one of the busiest of our week, so aside from yelling at my sewing machine to work, and likely failing miserably, I’m thinking there won’t be much crafting. The one thing I do want to get done is a sketch for the mixed media challenge we are currently working on. Tonight is takeaway and movie night, so I might even manage to ripple a bit while snuggling with the small people under a quilt. What a blissful way to kick off a weekend full of awesome.

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