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Way back at quilt camp, my partners in crafty crime tried to talk me into playing along for a course they were doing, called Goodie Goodie Gumdrops. I actually managed to imitate a reasonable human being’s level of logic, and politely declined, knowing that taking on a project of this magnitude would be all but impossible at this time of year, being the busiest part of the year for my photography business. 
A couple of weeks after camp, it happened to be my birthday, and guess what happened to turn up in my inbox?? Yeah, those girls spoil me! The very first lesson was to create a journal cover to hold the class projects, and I got busy cutting fabric and getting it gesso’d and then hooked into getting my girl painted. It was ok. But I came back and didn’t like it so I fiddled a bit more and tried to talk myself into liking it. And then I came back and fiddled and fiddled and in the end, decided to give it up as a lost cause. I was never going to be happy with it. So in the bin it went, and girl2.0 was a big improvement!


She’s still not perfect, by any stretch of the imagination, and I still get a healthy dose of envy every time someone posts their beautiful creations in the group, but she’s an improvement and I could send myself mad trying to fiddle her into perfection, and so I will take a but deep breath, and accept her for how she is. And the rest of the class? As expected, I am so very far behind, but it will be a fun little treat in the new year for me!

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