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messy may :: mess managed

messy may :: mess managed

May was a busy month on the craft table. Not only did I wrap up 100 Days and keep my card project ticking over, but I also undertook – and completed – Messy May for the first time.

Messy May is an annual, 31 day art journaling challenge, and not one I’ve done much with previously. over the last year, however, I’ve been unpacking my negative self talk around art and my limiting beliefs that art is not something for me. I’ve let myself dive into making art and exploring ideas as they come, and been having a blast with it. Slowly, I’ve been developing a style that feels like “me”, that makes me happy, that inspires me to push on even when I may not like a page – it’s just a page and all I need to do is turn it and start on something new. It’s been a joyful exploration, and I was excited to dive into a month of prompts and seeing what fell out.

It was such a fun project! I worked with found images from my stash of old Frankie magazines, plus a couple of printed images; the quote on the first page from Pinterest, and the paint palette in EMOTION is just a photo I snapped myself of my own palette on my desk.

Like any large body of work, I like some pages better than others (and some pages I would rather rip out and pretend didnt’ exist). I might come back and redo them, but it is also helpful to accept those less than great pages as they are; in future years they will serve as a reminder of where I started. The vast majority of pages I am at least happy with, if not outright thrilled at the result.

It was so fun, and I feel like it’s given me a new confidence in art journaling. This little book is now going to disappear into my “finished projects” box, where it can wait until next years challenge; I think it will be really fun to complete the challenge again next year, then pull this one out and compare the two!

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