Oh my darling

I saw it once, on Facebook at first, I think, and I loved it. As a mama of four small people, it seemed a mantra to live by, to lift them up and send them skyward when they are crippled by self doubt. Then it came up again and again, on Pinterest, and Facebook again. It continued to resonate. I pinned it, with the plan of doing something. Originally, I thought I might do something for the little people’s bedroom, but I quickly decided it was something all of my small people needed to hear and know and believe.

Then I was asked to teach a one-on-one mixed media lesson, and straight away I knew this quote was perfect for a canvas for the toyroom. As unnerving as it can be to let someone “behind the curtain” while I create, I had a fun couple of hours, and walked away with a 12×24″ canvas that I think I like.

what if you fly canvas

I’m still not 100% sold on it, to be honest, but I wouldn’t change it for the world now. Sneaking home late after the class, the family asleep, I left it on the dining table, with the intention of taking it and putting it away in the morning. Then the mister wandered in, decided he liked it, and is attempting to wrangle it for a nifty little space in the dining room. I think I’ve won – but only with the promise of a canvas for the spot he has in mind. So in my mind, that settled it. The canvas is done. Now, just to get Mr Dove to hang it sometime in the next six months…

Today we are into the full swing of end of term. I’m hoping to start on a little project that needs to be done this time next week. I’ve got a morning tea with some dear friends. A couple of errands to tick off my list, then the girl and I have a date with a sewing machine and a fun little appliqué we drew up together last week. Add in some practice for a cheeky little Beetle who’s decided walking is a pretty cool trick, and our day is looking full in the best way. I’m counting the days until my loves are home with me for two whole weeks and planning what we’ll do. This week can’t go fast enough. Have a fabulous Tuesday!

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