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on the cards :: January

on the cards :: January

Somewhere around the third cocktail, on the evening of December 28th, I had a genius idea. What if, says I, what if I do a pocket a day, like a 3×4″ project life pocket. One day it might be a photo, another it might be a painting. A cocktail afternoon might be a written recipe and a quick sketch. A day trip might be the entry ticket and parking receipt.

The idea, the board replied, was genius and I should very much do it.

Four weeks in, and I’ve filled one page protector and started on the next. I did fall slightly behind with a stack of travel and family events in the first half of the month, but the beauty of the project is I can just grab some photos from my phone, run them through the project life app to create a 2-to-a-page print, and print them off on my selphy.

I’m determined to make this as low pressure as I can, and have zero expectation on what I include. Each card doesn’t need to be imbued with meaning – one is some fabric scraps, another, an offcut of my mess mat where I was mixing paint. As long as the pocket is filled each day, I consider it a success.

I do have a hit-and-miss record with daily, year long projects, so I’m trying to give myself grace and space to be less than perfect and less than consistent. It’s super catch-up-able, and I’m hoping that might be my saving grace. As we run down to the end of the first month, though, I am very much enjoying the project, and look forward to a year of mini snippets of things that tickled my mojo along the way.

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