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on the cards :: May

on the cards :: May

May was a big one, project-wise. I had the wrap up of 100 Days. I was attempting Me Made May (fail) and Messy May (pass). Life was very life-ish – kiddo performances and weekends away and Mothers Day and what felt like three million meetings and EOFY kicking off. If there was a month I was going to fail, this would be it.

Friends, I didn’t fail. A fifth month of daily cards is officially complete.

I started the month strong with the photo inserts being scrapbooked onto cards, as opposed to later in the month where I just went with straight 3×4″ prints to get it done. There were offcuts from flower arranging and a thank you card I made for the mister’s staff on national receptionists day. My mother’s day wrapping and kindle box made it in, followed up by a Pride & Prejudice collage inspired by Mr15’s current studies. A couple of watercolours, Thursday night drinkies, and of course, a nod to my Bridgerton binge. Offcuts of fabric, coffee cups, photos and mess mats; part of Mr17’s play program (I have another program intact to add into the album as well. A butterfly drawn for me by Butterfly, dinner out to celebrate final uni exams, a cheeky drive thru and marking the end of the month – the messy may prompt list.

June is well underway; five cards appear in the photos above. Another four are sitting on my desk ready to be filed, and then I’m just about up to date.

Like most daily projects, some days are harder than others. There were definitely a couple of days this month I had to trawl back through my calendar and my chat threads and my camera roll to try and work out what I’d been doing and scramble for something to fill the gap. But fill the gaps I did, and May is done and ready for the album, and I continue to be thrilled I decided to stick with this project.

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