rain is falling down.

It’s cold and wet. Winter is definately upon us. I sat down last night to do some work (and some painting shhh…) in my studio, which is located at the bedroom end of the house. The little people were well ensconced on the sleepy train, and in the silence, the light spilling from the studio door into the darkness of the formal lounge and beyond made me feel like I was a million miles from anywhere. And then the softest of soft tapping started up on the roof, so gentle I had to strain to decide if I really was hearing rain, or if my mind was playing tricks with me. But steadily it got heavier, and between 9pm and 9am, we ended up with just a touch under 25mm/1 inch of rain. Today has been more of the same. Cold. Wet. Lots of stories and singing. A movie for rest time, and some designing for mummy. An impromptu coffee date rounded out the morning nicely after Mini Minstrels and the news of a new baby. Everyone is back on board now, and happily playing in the studio with me. Bubba Boy is colouring in, coming to me regularly to show off his progress and check I “wike the pick-shures, mama?”. Butterfly is cruising around, playing with my old broken ipod, fabric and buttons. A girl after my own heart. I’m about to do a bit more on my painting I’m working on, and hopefully start up another practice piece. Trim the stars quilt so I can finish the binding tonight. And then it will be pickup time and the weekend can begin, with soccer and church and friends. I probably should think about tidying my desk at some point, it seems to be a mess magnet. Maybe I’ll just work around it. Let’s see how we go. What have you got planned? Friday’s at the tail end, the weekend beckons. Let’s do this!

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