Soaking up some sun…

and doing some drawing.


I dusted off the old sketch book & pastel set this morning, and enjoyed a few moments in the sun while the toddler had a blast in the sandpit. The weather has been so lovely lately, nice mild days, and as long as the wind stays away, sitting in the sun is the best place to be.


As a forewarning, I don’t draw much. I’m not very good. But I enjoy doing it nonetheless, and thought I may as well share it here as leave it lying in a dark drawer. Plus I have nothing else to show at the minute. My sewing is relatively stagnant, I am currently working on block 10 of 24, but I don’t want to show too much more until all 24 are done & joined. I started a painting the other day, one of a series of four, and the first one is about 2/3 done, and I am still pondering what exactly it needs to finish off. Again, I don’t really want to show it until all four are done, as one by itself doesn’t really make much sense! I haven’t scrapped since I did the journal, maybe over the weekend. So for now, all I have to show is my dodgy attempt at drawing with pastels.

Not overly realistic, I know, but I am more drawn to an impressionist & abstract style. Accuracy in art isn’t my strong point! This drawing was inspired by the bare branches of a tree blowing gently in the wind against a vivid blue sky. I was pretty happy with how it came out. I have previously only done very small sketches & drawings, this was the largest I have attempted to date. Whilst the blue shading is fair from perfect, I was in a hurry, plus using a cheapy sketch book, with semi-cheapy pastels.

Any gentle comments welcome!

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