Throw Down Smack Down completed!

The big art journal challenge was on Saturday. I think Car and AJ had more fun than I did, I wasn’t in a very sociable mood, and maybe kind of sort of disappeared for a nap part way through (making people is hard work!). I was also struggling with translating my style into a more loose and emotive art journal format, what with being so long out of my groove, my comfort zone didn’t come easily. Add on top that I was battling to get the techniques that I wanted to use looking right, and it all came together in a big ol’ page of suck.

I gave up on Saturday afternoon, and came back to it Sunday feeling slightly less revolted by it. A few extra bits, and I’m kind of close to being sort of happy with it.


The main theme was inspired by the (very long and convoluted) story behind why I call myself Little White Dove, and why Bear is known as Bear. It’s not a page that will make sense to anyone aside from me, and possibly those three or four tortured souls in this world crazy enough to follow my logic. But I’m kind of liking it, and it grows on me the more I look at it and learn to think of it as part of my story, and not as a stand=alone “art” work.

But, in the spirit of the challenge, the final results:

2 notebooks – cover from one scanned and printed onto 3 star Kodak Matte photo paper (it’s a paper that’s not great for photo photos, but perfect for things like this that need a bit more depth than normal printer paper)
3 washi tapes – 2 (checkerboard and arrows) used
2 hand mirrors – unused
3 list/memo pads – 3 used (scallops on top right from memo pad, flower branch and birdie from weekly to-do, checklist with gnome from daily to-do list)
3 multi coloured pens – one used.
Fairy Stamps – used
Black Stamp Pad – used

Acrylic paint

I think we can call it a successful challenge! You can find AJ’s page here, and Car’s here (link to come when SHE BOTHERS TO BLOG IT).

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