to us a son is given {Christmas canvas swap}

One of my favourite things about belonging to online craft group is having swaps, and having a little piece of your friends nearby. For instance, as I sit here typing, immediately to my right is a mugrug Nic made me. I think of her every time I use it, which really, is pretty damn regularly. It’s a lovely way to create things and build friendship – this year I have been in a dolls quilt swap, a secret santa, and most recently, a mixed media canvas swap.


I very nearly sat this one out, but after a bit of arm twisting, and a little parcel turning up containing a pair of little canvases very kindly gifted by Kelly, I bowed to the wishes of the masses, and agreed to join, knowing I had everything else I needed in my stash. I had a rumbling of an idea, and so slowly printed some papers (I used digital papers I designed for my December Daily album, printed on my home printer), pulled a few paints and things, and pondered. The theme was “joy”, without necessarily being too Christmassy. I knew I wanted to include a Bible verse – for me as a Christian, Christmas obviously has a huge focus on Jesus and celebrating our faith. I slowly cycled through options. The nativity I nixed pretty quickly as too obvious and too cliche. Wise men? Hmmm, maybe? Shepherds? BINGO.



I chose to focus on the shepherd, as to me, the angels appearing to the shepherds and heralding the birth of Christ is the epitome of joyous unity and diversity. I felt it fitted better than the wise men – as members of the upper realms of society, they would be expected (eventually) to be included in any events of major significance. But the shepherds held no such position. They were on the fringes of society, and for them to be visited by angels, invited to bear witness to the newborn saviour, and included in an event which would change their world, and the world for the coming 2000 years and beyond, to me just screams joyful. Unexpectedly, beautifully, mercifully joyful. For them, and for us. The lowest, the most sinful, the humblest, all are cherished in the eyes of God, and are redeemed and saved through faith in that tiny baby.


Like my last mixed media piece, this was a rollercoaster. I lay out the papers and loved it. I glued them one, and the inks bled slightly and I was bummed. I added paint and loved it. The paint dried funny, and I hated it. I fixed the paint and was happy. I added some texture via sequin waste and loved it. Added too much and hated it. Sprayed on some dylusions and loved it for a bit then liked it less so took it off. Managed to spray my table at the same time. Started adding paint to the shepherd, using some vaseline to resist. Didn’t like it. Faffed around a bit more and like it. Took a break, added the finishing touches, and was happy. This little canvas is now off to live at Bec’s, and I have a sweet little girl coming from Kelly.

Thanks for a fabulous swap ladies – let’s try it again soon!


{supplies – 8″ canvas (gifted), Christmas Candy by LittleWhiteDove digital papers printed at home on my HP Photosmart 8230, acrylic paint, flow medium, watercolour paint, scanned Bible page printed on regular printer paper, Uniball Eye rollerball pen, chalk pastel pencils, inktense pencils, oil pastel crayons, stamps, Staz-on ink in black, craft glue}


This week is a reminder that the silly season is indeed upon us. I feel like I’m living in my car, and being pulled in seven directions at once, hence the spotty blogging at the minute. Lots of gifty crafty goodness going on behind the scenes, with barely the time to photograph it (like my dolls quilt that I sent without photographing!), let alone blog it. Project Life is two weeks behind, December Daily is at least 5 days behind. Hopefully tonight I can get some work out and then get back to crafting at night time to catch up a bit – otherwise the holidays are just around the corner and I can’t wait! So bare with me while my blogging schedule takes a backseat to my real life and the Christmas joy that surrounds us. Parties and friends and gifts and church and baking and love. We’ve got our eye on the goal and trying to keep sane. Two weeks to Christmas, five days of school. Time to log off and make the most of it. Happy Wednesday everyone!

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