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you’ll never know dear…

you’ll never know dear…

In the week before Camp Coochie, Car made the critical error of throwing open an offer to bring some of her art journalling stuff that we might want to try. I believe there may have been a comment about needing to check the weight limit for the barge. With all these lovely toys coming and being at my disposal, I needed to dream up a project, and this is what I decided on, which is something I’ve actually been thinking of for a few weeks now. I took a strip of cardstock and some of my paper pads and paints, and with Sunday breakfast under our belts, we got our art stuff out and got busy. This is inspired by the final episode of season one of Kissing In The Rain, which is also where that quote comes from. Not only did I come home from camp with the basis of a painting, but also a wishlist a mile long. Look out craft budget, I can see some major damage coming your way! (I may or may not have some plans in place to “accidentally” grab the wrong box come quilt camp in November). This was a fun little project to pull together, though I’m still not sold on the ukulele – I’m thinking maybe I should have just done it as white-ink line art as well? Though the more I look at it, the more I like it. Maybe I just need to add some of that colour onto the umbrella. Or maybe it’s fine and I’m over thinking. (and yes, the girls got the full brunt of this kind of back and forth with myself as I worked on Sunday. Aren’t they lucky? Surely I’m not the only one who arts while being self-conversant…)

kitr mixed media

BASE: Cardstock

MATERIALS: patterned paper, acrylic paint, Dylusions spray, Distress stains, handcarved stamps, Staz-On ink pad, Versa chalk ink pad, assorted stamps & stencils from Car’s collection, white Sharpie, white Uniball Signo pen.

SIZE: 6×12″

I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with it. It’s a bit of an awkward size which means I’ll need to do something to it to get it to fit in my book – possibly bring in some of those brown tones from the ukulele into a background on the book page to frame it before I mount it in there.

Today is full of meetings and housewifing and playing with my precious little people, so the craftiness will have to be on hold until tonight. We’ve had a post-camp challenge to spend 15 minutes a day working on one of our camp WIPs, and I’ve been using that as motivation to keep moving on my ripple. Maybe if I get all my jobs done today I’ll reward myself with a double shot tonight. It’s nice, sitting and crafting and knowing I have friends doing the same thing, even if not exactly at the same time. Tomorrow is getting the last of the things out of the way ready to enjoy the weekend, and then I have Project Life and 73 photos firmly in my sights. Have a fabulous Thursday, whatever you are doing!

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