…then we DIVE…

…then we DIVE…

Coming into 2021, it feels all but impossible to decide what the year ahead should look like. Trying to pick my One Little Word, in theory, should’ve been harder than any year in the past. But just as RISE came to me on a whim, and turned out to be the perfect word for 2020, my word for 2021 has been whispering at me every time I started to consider the year ahead. After a year of sinking into a pandemic, and then learning to RISE to the challenge, of clearing the decks of almost all my projects (my WIP box now holds exactly one project pre-dating 2020), I am ready to DIVE into 2021.

I want to DIVE into new projects, and new hobbies and new mediums. I’m going to DIVE into new stages of parenting and new stages of life. DIVE into building a new house and growing our farm menagerie. I was to DIVE into new friendships, and DIVE deeper into friendships that have been my anchor through some of the roughest storms of life – who have been there through moves and parenting and loss of family members. I’m going to DIVE into new opportunities and new adventures. I have boxes and boxes of supplies and ideas and lists and challenges, just waiting for me to DIVE in and explore.

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