1::20 ~ double choc chip biscuits

First up on my twenty treats challenge – double choc chip biscuits. (not the usual choc chip I referred to in my previous post, it counts for challenge purposes!)

OCCASSION: we were in a biscuit kind of mood.

BRIEF & RATIONALE: me “who wants to make biscuits?” Bear – “chocolate ones!!”. These were the only chocolate biscuits in the first book I picked up. I’m lazy like that.

EASE OF MAKING: 6/10 – sifting and melting of chocolate required.

CHILD FRIENDLY? Yes – mixed by hand, plus the small people like helping with sifting (double the flour quantities listed if attempting this!)

REALITY V COOKBOOK: Fail. My biscuits looked nothing like the picture. I was 50g short of chocolate, but I wouldn’t have expected it to make that much difference.

TASTE: 4/10. They’re ok, but quite bitter due to high dark chocolate content. Master Three declared them “stinky”. The plate remains almost full, two and a half days later.

FINAL VERDICT: I think we’ll call them a fail for us. They are good from the point of view that it is easy-ish to get the children involved, melted chocolate notwithstanding. But everything else was a bit disappointing.

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