…2 ingredient peppermint bark :: advent blogalong day12…

…2 ingredient peppermint bark :: advent blogalong day12…

peppermint bark recipeIt’s that time of year, where there are parties everywhere and 90% of them are “bring a plate”. This morning was our playgroup Christmas party, and chatting to the main co-ordinator last week, we wanted to do something super fun. We had a water table booked from the toy library, and T had an awesome craft lined up, so I offered to make peppermint bark as a yummy little treat. It took the kids and I all of 10 minutes to whip it up yesterday afternoon, it looked awesome and was a total hit!


1 packet of white candy melts
1/4 packet red candy melts
1/4 packet green candy melts
4 drops doTERRA peppermint oil


Ok, get a pen, cos this is super technical:
1) melt the white candy melts according to instructions (we tried double boiler and microwave, and microwave was far easier and quicker)
2) taste test the melted buds for quality control
3) mix in 4 drops of peppermint essential oil
4) taste test to ensure perfect mintiness.
5) repeat step 3&4 if desired
6) spread white melts on a baking-paper-lined tray
7) melt approximately 1/4 packet each of red and green melts
8) taste test. You don’t want to screw it up now
9) drop spoonfuls of red and green melts over the white and use a stick to create a marble effect
10) sprinkle gold sprinkles over the top, and refrigerate.


Snap into bite sized pieces and keep chilled until serving. This stuff isn’t built for an Aussie Christmas!


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