3::20 ~ cinnamon palmiers

OCCASSION: I was home alone. I was hungry. The cupboard was decidedly lacking in yummy sweet things.

BRIEF & RATIONALE: Must be sweet. And easy. As little prep time and clean up as possible. I’m lazy like that.

SOURCE: I got the original process from a Woman’s Weekly book called “Sweet Old Fashioned Favourites”. I originally adapted it to work with a single sheet of pastry for a mini snack batch, and then added cinnamon after seeing a friend do similar.

EASE OF MAKING: 10/10. Sprinkle, fold roll, repeat. Chill, chop, bake.

CHILD FRIENDLY? Yes, except they try and pinch the leftover pastry.

REALITY V COOKBOOK: Almost. But they don’t last long enough to worry too much about what they look like.

TASTE: 11/10.

FINAL VERDICT: Awesome value for effort, and a wonderful spur of the moment snack. A firm high rotation fave around here!


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