5::20 ~ Turkish Delight Slice {including recipe}

OCCASSION: A stroke of genius, really. Just to put it modestly.

BRIEF & RATIONALE: I made Mars Bar Slice. I thought it might go well using Turkish Delight instead.

SOURCE: My own recipe – see under the picture.

EASE OF MAKING: 10/10. Be lazy like me and you’ll only have one bowl and one slice pan to stick in the dishwasher. Winning.

CHILD FRIENDLY? Depends if you are willing to share chocolate, but in theory, yes.

REALITY V COOKBOOK: Not applicable.

TASTE: Off the scales delightful

FINAL VERDICT: Total and utter genius. And yes, I am modest, I know.


220g block of Turkish Delight

50g butter

3 cups of Rice Bubbles

200g block of milk chocolate


1) Break up the Turkish Delight into small squares and, keeping two individual squares, place into a heatproof bowl, along with  the butter.

2) Place bowl over saucepan of boiling water, and melt the Turkish Delight and butter. The inner Turkish Delight jelly takes quite a while to melt, so don’t freak out, just keep stirring, just keep stirring, just keep stirring, stirring stirring.

3) While stirring and waiting for the mix to melt, take one of the two squares of remaining Turkish Delight. Open mouth, place chocolate inside mouth, close mouth. Chew. Swallow. This step is CRITICAL. What if the chocolate is POISONED? That could get embarrassing at your next take-a-plate function.

4) In a large bowl, mix the melted Turkish Delight and butter with the rice bubbles. The mix is quite thick, and won’t completely cover the Rice Bubbles.

5) Once you’ve mixed as much as you can, break the milk chocolate into small pieces and melt in a heat proof bowl over boiling water.

6) Take the sole remaining square of Turkish Delight. Yeah, you know what to do now. Can’t risk a fluke, now, can we?

7) Once the milk chocolate is melted, add it to the Rice Bubble mix, and stir until evenly coated.

8) Press the mix into a small slice tray line with baking paper and pop in the fridge

9) Make a cuppa and enjoy!

10) Pretend you know nothing about a slice when your friends come around after seeing it on Facebook.


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