a useful gift.

We started when Bear was tiny. Every week, I’d strap our 6 month old little boy in the car, make the trip across town and spend half an hour among friends singing and clapping and playing. Then Boy2 arrived, and he attended his first music class at the ripe old age of 2 weeks. Admittedly, he slept most of the time. Butterfly was a tender 6 days old the first time she joined us, nestled in her daddy’s arms as I sat with the boys and sang along.

For Christmas, we wanted to give a small gift to acknowledge the wonderful job our teacher has done over the past 5.5 years. With two small children of her own nearing holidays, I thought the idea of “cookies in a jar” that I’d been seeing all over Pinterest would be perfect.


We used a double recipe of our favourite choc-chip biscuits. I forgot to pack down the layers as we went, so it didn’t look as pretty as it should, and I think this recipe has too much flour to really “work” in this format, but I was happy how our first try worked out. I used a border template and some digital papers to create the label with the baking instructions, ran it through my Xyron and attached it to the jar, which I found at a local homewares store and can double as a small cookie jar.

Our usual Tuesday craziness is on hold today, our groups and activities on holidays already. Which leaves me and Butterfly with a whole day ahead of us. Yesterday I joined a jelly roll sew-a-long and now I have the bones of a lone star quilt set out on my loungeroom floor, so I have a trip to the fabric store on my agenda to buy some homespun for the background. Depending how the heat plays, maybe a trip to the park to feed the ducks. Or maybe we’ll just hide inside under the fan. Fun time. Two days until holidays – can you tell I’m a bit excited?


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