best. idea. ever. {tiramisu inspired mocha cheesecake}

twenty treats


OCCASSION: Why the heck not?

BRIEF & RATIONALE: After a fabulous run-in with a decadent tiramisu flavoured gelato on holidays, I figured a cheesecake version would have to rock, right?

SOURCE: A friend’s basic cheesecake recipe, then added the flavours until it tasted right.

EASE OF MAKING: 7/10 due to fudging as I went.

CHILD FRIENDLY? 4/10 – lots of melting, mixmastering, hot liquids etc. though Butterfly loved helping me mix up the base.

REALITY V COOKBOOK: actually, it’s reality vs expectations, and I’ll give it a 7/10 – up there for taste, but knock a couple of points off for being a bit too runny due to more liquid than the gelatin of the recipe allowed for. My bad.

TASTE: 7582/10.

FINAL VERDICT: Holy awesome cheesecake Batman. I’ll definitely make one again, and this time, I’ll be sure to get exact quantities to share a recipe with you. If I’m feeling nice.



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