Birthday season 2015 {blogtoberfest day 9}

Birthday season 2015 {blogtoberfest day 9}

Tomorrow, my tiny girl turns five. FIVE! She is full of chatter and so excited to be going to big school, that yesterday we made her a calendar to cross off each day until February and her first day. I am about to hit the kitchen to bake her cake, when it struck me, I hadn’t yet shared the boy’s cakes!

For Bear, I made an anti-gravity cake, pouring m&m’s over a book:


In hindsight, I should have actually trimmed the cake to shape rather than relying on the rectangle tin to be “close enough”. The floating packet was a hit though, even if Butterfly did get a bit confused and tried to “help” by “removing the rubbish” that silly mummy had left there. It took more than one attempt at explaining the point of the cake to her…


And for Boy2, a dragon in a cave:


This was quite the marathon, but it just so happened that I had a lovely friend staying the night on her way north, so the time passed pretty quickly as I decorated and we chatted.

Now, to get cracking on the three cakes that will go into Butterfly’s Castle On A Mountain… because everyone loves Friday afternoon in the kitchen, right? Have a great weekend, friends!

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